Monday, February 11, 2008

Big boy shoes

I sure look up to my dad


Tami said...

I especially love the last photo... what a proud looking dad! So happy for you guys!!

blooeyedgerl said...

Oh Teryn He is Sooooooooo CUTE!!!
I finally got the link to see the pics and he is adorable and So much hair!! No wonder you had all that heartburn:)
Do you have a home email??? Text my Cell and I'll send you pics of my little one. 3 months old yesterday, Holy Cow! Still need your address so i can send your shower gift

blooeyedgerl said...

Sorry that last blog was from mandy :)

Chunky Salsa said...


Your baby is really really cute. :)


Julie Lewis said...

Congratulations! Susan gave me this address, this is Julie Durtschi. He totally looks like a little Gundersen and he has so much hair! We only dream of that!